Topology exists for those who want their garments to tell a story as interesting as their own. We create shirts inspired by cultures and peoples around the world. The authenticity of hundreds of years of history and design, reinterpreted for the modern man.


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Our Values

Our garments are liberated from the everyday.  Like you, they speak stories of wonderful origins and fantastic journeys.  Our fabrics and designs come from around the world and we manufacture our clothing by hand in the USA.  We don't compromise on quality or design, and sell directly to you to give you the best value.  Wear them and inspire yourself and others to break free from the status quo.

Global Fabrics, American Craftsmanship

Our top-quality fabrics come from around the world and we proudly make our clothing in the USA. We explore the markets and mills of the world to bring home only the best materials and we sew our shirts by hand in our New York factory.

A Quality Shirt with a Perfect Fit

We started Topology because we wanted a shirt that was interesting and authentic without compromising on quality and versatility. Layer it with a cardigan at the office or roll up the sleeves for the weekend beach-trip. Fits close to the body with slight taper at the waist but still enough movement for your next adventure. We recommend you take your typical size

No to Markups, Yes to Service

Brands typically sell through retailers who will markup their products 200% to 300% over wholesale. That is why designer shirts often cost over $200. We offer the same quality and thoughtful design of a $200 shirt but sell to you at wholesale prices. We understand that buying direct can be an uncertain process so we offer free shipping and free returns. We'll also happily answer all of your questions at


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