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Production Update: Lessons from setting up a Lean Fashion Supply Chain

Now that we're fully into production, we wanted to share some of the lessons learned along the way. When we started this journey, our experience in setting up a manufacturing supply chain was limited to whatever we were able to read on the internet. Needless to say, we've learned a bit since getting our hands dirty and starting Topology. We wanted to share our learnings to provide transparency to our customers and help anyone looking to start a fashion brand. So, here's a list of lessons we've learned so far. Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Maybe not literally, but you should still make sure to double and triple check everything so the chances that something can go wrong are minimized. For example,...

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Extending pre-orders - get $15 off of Japan Collection shirts before it's too late.

Good news everyone. We are extending pre-orders for Japan Collection shirts! We had originally planned to finish production n by the end of September, and pre-orders were scheduled to end at the end of Labor Day weekend. However, some unexpected issues came up in production, requiring us to postpone our delivery date for the shirts to late October/early November. For those of you who have already placed orders, we are working diligently to deliver shirts earlier. But for those of you who thought you'd missed the pre-order window, now is the time to grab a few shirts at special pre-order pricing! If you'd like to hear more about the ins-and-outs of production and how you should always be prepared for the...

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Origins (Part I): Making the First Shirt

This week we launched our first full collection, the Japan Collection. We conceptualized the Japan Collection in the early days of Topology. Our earliest mission was to create apparel inspired by cultures and places around the world. We knew from the start that we would begin our journey with an Asian collection, as the unique and vibrant fabrics of these countries begged to be brought home. We traveled to Hong Kong and Tokyo in January and visited fabric markets in each country in search of a few great fabrics we could use to start testing our concept and prototyping our fit and styling. Hong Kong We visited the fabric markets of Sham Shui Po on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong - 5 stops north of the buzzing...

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