You asked. We listened. More sizing details are live!

We've received a lot of feedback from people who liked our shirts but wanted to know more about the fit before they placed an order.

So, we're excited to announce the addition of a sizing chart to the site. You can check it out here. This should help all of you who know your measurements for standard dress shirt sizes and want to compare to the fit of our shirts.

In addition, we wanted to share some notes on how we went about getting the right fit. Part of our brand philosophy is that we sell fine-fitted garments. This means our cuts are updated for modern tastes, with slightly slimmer torsos to flatter any frame. However, these shirts also aren't sausage casings, with enough room to accommodate adventure. We've honed this fit through several rounds of samples with our production partner, studying the fit of over 30 other brands, and having lots of our friends try on the shirt to get their feedback. We're very proud of our final product and think our customers will be quite pleased as well!

Here's are a few more tips on the getting the right size Topology shirt.

1. Remember to check out our general fit notes below.

2. If you have any questions about the fit, feel free to email us at You can tell us what you wear in some other brands and we'll be able to recommend the perfect size to you. We've had a few customers do this already and we're always happy to hear fro you.

3. Remember we have free shipping and returns, so you can always swap a shirt out if you aren't happy with the fit.

Let us know what you think about this post or anything else at Join our mailing list below if you're interested in hearing more about our progress and want to be informed of product launches. Finally, if you'd like to read more stories and hear about our product launches, check out our site at and follow our Instagram @weartopology.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more stories from Topology!


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